Marshals Registration and Information

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Stage Commanders

SS 1/4 Ash Park -

Trevor Leathley

SS 2 Newcastleton -

Dave Brodie

SS 3 Florida - Ian Evans

SS 4 Kershope -

Nev Simmons

On Line Marshals Information

Event Staffing Officer

Joy Hewson -

Every marshal on this year’s DMACK Carlisle Stages (Saturday 10 June) will be given a Smidge midge-proof headnet to help cope with the possibility of midges in the forests.

 The Roger Albert Clark Motor Club has become a distributor for the highly-effective Smidge, which keeps the midges away from the wearer’s head and face. Every signed-on marshal on the Carlisle Stages will be given a Smidge.

 The possibility of midges in the forests in the Newcastleton area in June is high and experts are predicting more midges than ever in 2017 after the warm early spring.

 Rally manager Colin Heppenstall said: “If the weather conditions are right, there will be a lot of midges in the forests and so we wanted to do something to make life easier for our marshals.”